Friday, March 21, 2008


Wow! So. Life. Life is good. Life moves so fast. It's crazy. I was half-awake this morning when I thought about the fact that this year I will turn 24. As in 24, as in almost 25. Twenty-five sounds incredibly old to me! Although, I've contemplated this a few times today and with each thought, the shock value diminishes. 

I am so grateful to Him right now. Alex spoke on Sunday about thanks and thanksgiving. I danced during worship and I really can't remember the last time I did so - at least with the kind of freedom I was feeling. I've been waiting, waiting to experience Him again. I want to experience Him the way I used to know Him, but to do it in the present. I don't want to try to relive the past. I want to be taken to new places in the old way. The Old Way where all I knew for sure was Him and the only faith I had was in His goodness. 

His goodness is not limited by age or station or economic status. Riches do not keep Him from our hearts. Youth does not prevent His voice. Life-weariness, experience or age do not jade us to His wisdom. He can speak. We must just listen. And faith. We must have faith. There is no replacement for it. 

God, give us more faith. Straighten our paths and strengthen our feet.

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