Friday, December 28, 2007

How... embrace what unexpected life I have now? I have felt at a loss for what to do in the turbulence and unexpected events.

Maybe this is just my chance to life free again - embracing the unexpected and unknown. Life after meeting B took a turn to a certain predictability. But now, the details have not panned out. What initially felt like a punch in the gut, is now a twist, a turn, an unanticipated challenge. Whether the story looks predictable or not in retrospect, being in the moment right now guarantees an adventure.  

There have been days when I've had more questions and fewer answers. At those times, I think I felt much more alive. Less constrained. There was more potential, more fulfillment; though I did not know how it would come.  

Lord Jesus, thank you for reminding this heart of Your Sovereignty. Thank You for the gift of the unknown. Thank You for streams in the desert and for the promises that You will never leave or forsake us - in the valley or on the mountain.

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