Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Next Time

Sometimes, I am so hesitant. I analyze. And I'm even hesitant about writing that. Because, maybe, I'm not too hesitant. Maybe I'm just hesitant enough; hesitant in a healthy way.

I just don't know. And if I short myself by missing out on things because of this hesitancy, I'm not really aware of it. I think that tonight, I did hesitate too much. I planned on not participating in something, but then it crossed my mind to go ahead and do it. But since I had planned otherwise, I did not change my mind.

If I had changed my mind would I have been happier? Would life be more full? I don't know. I guess what I know for sure is that right now, I am spending time second-guessing things that cannot be changed. I have a lesson I can draw from here, but if I dwell on it, I may just foster more regrets. So. I must move on. To the the next chance.

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