Sunday, January 25, 2009

Current Events

I've been reading Jane Eyre over the last two weekends, in exchange for actually accomplishing anything.  Finished yesterday.  Beautiful story, interesting characters, and well-balanced plot.  The story didn't lend itself to being quoted, but there were a couple parts I marked that I really like.

"I was surprised to find how easy I felt under the total neglect of the one and semi-sarcastic attentions of the other...the fact was, I had other things to think about; within the last few months feelings had been stirred in me so much more potent than any they could raise - pains and pleasures so much more acute and exquisite had been excited, than any it was in their power to inflict or bestow..."

"Better tire my limbs than strain my heart."

I signed up for a knitting class yesterday.  The end.

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