Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sometimes, lazy isn't worth it

It wasn't worth it.  Last Friday, when I was putting groceries in the fridge, I noticed a couple tupperware containers with some food that had to be going bad.  Into the sink they went, to dump after the groceries were put up.  But I decided that I wanted to make some chocolate chip cookies to send to our neighbor and for B's never-fulfilled appetite for them.  I baked three dozen, put the rest of the dough in the fridge and set the dirty dishes by the sink.  I was a little tired, so I decided to sit for a while.  I came across a movie I'd wanted to see, so I plopped my butt down and my feet up and watched.  No dishes done that night.  

Saturday and Sunday were busy busy with running around to family events.  I was also on a specific eating plan and wasn't in the kitchen much.  When I was, I tried to ignore it all.  Between B's breakfast dishes, my occasional plate and fork, and glasses galore, we soon had a hazardous situation on our hands.

You will be spared the suffering of seeing inside the sink....that's where the moldy leftovers were growing.

Hurrah for transformations!

Please be sure to notice the fabulous Kitchenaid/Christmas present. It was the real reason I had to make cookies last Friday...

Hope this isn't too exciting for you.  I'll try to scale back next time. =)

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  1. Oh, sweetie, I could "out-hazard" you ANY time! Good effort, but strictly amateur. ;) LOVE the Christmas gift of win: make that boy cookies any time he wants them!!