Sunday, January 20, 2008

Over a cup of tea

Today I met with a friend with whom I've had a strained relationship for the past four years or so. There was a time that we lived together, talked everything out with one another and helped each other through the ups and downs. Life progressed as it does and when certain changes came, we did not handle them with the maturity or the love we should have. For the last few years, we have stayed in touch, but our contact has been similar to that one may have with his dentist - nervously anticipated biannual meetings with minor discomfort, and in the end, nothing consequential coming of it.

Today was different and it was a wonderful blessing. I am partly mourning the years of potential friendship that we lost, but it is easy to see that I have been refined and tested through the experience. Today we met together and began with usual awkwardness that soon gave way to a heart to heart and some reliving of the past. It was a wonderful, honest exchange with a painful reminder or two, but it mostly felt good to begin some true, authentic healing on the situation. God is good. 

Thank you Father for returning this friend in my life. It reminds me to not be so ungrateful for my friendships. They are valuable, sharpening me like iron, showing me a part of You through their words, and messing it up sometimes just like I do. I praise you and give you all the glory for granting me another chance with this friend I hurt long ago. Merciful God, You are the Redeemer of souls, the Mender of hearts.

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